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Organic Wine Subscription - Serendipity

I was sitting near the Thames, eating my burrito and thinking about my upcoming visit to Foyles. What should I get? I don’t know at the slightest. Something pleasant, or maybe something shocking?

Is this how we get our lives so beautifully exciting and interesting - simply by stumbling upon new things and making our own judgement whether we like it or not? I think so!

And forgive me my controversy here - I still want you to read my organic wine reviews, so you can discover great tasting organic wines and rely on me being certified by WSET. Yet isn’t it just so thrilling to pick up a few bottles, open it up and try a sample. Without looking at anyone’s tasting notes. It is indeed.

We at Organic Wine Club have been playing with this concept for a while and after a few different ideas and tests we came down to this format:

trial pack of natural wines with no added sulphitesAny new organic wine drinkers are welcome to get introduced to organic wine by means of our recommended wines and cases or simply our trial mini orders of organic wine if they feel like trying a few bottles to start with. Anyone who is quite keen on buying our Club cases of wine or Natural Wine cases are welcome to do so - they will also save 5% on their orders and are able to modify this wine subscription at any time. Easy, isn’t? Anyone who buys a case from us can then benefit from an access to our Members Only section and further exciting offers (10% off anything, as you already know!). Read on to get to know more about it.

3 months wine subscription

Most popular Discovery Wine Subscription - £35 / month

We start with our organic wine gift option - this 3 months organic wine subscription is great for anyone who wants to discover amazing organic wine flavours expertly handpicked by us. First month will start with two bestselling wines that we currently have (red, white or mixed), the next months will follow up by featuring natural wines with no added sulphites and then something absolutely unusual - rare grapes, interesting blends. 3 months pack will cost you £99 - it is truly a perfect gift to anyone who you know will appreciate healthier wines. 

When I mentioned serendipity, I meant of course organic wine - would you like getting a few bottles every month or so and try them out? These will be good organic wines of different styles, new grapes, unusual blends and so on. You might like some, some will leave you undecided and you will love love love a few. Yet you never know until you try! This wine serendipity can be so exciting, won’t you agree?

Organic Wine Club Member Wine Subscription

When you are done with our Discovery Wine Subscription or after you've joined Organic Wine Club, you will have even more wine subscription options - head to Members Only page to learn more (you need to be logged in to be able to see the contents). Here is what's on offer:

1. Two subscription tracks based on styles: Perfect Balance and Chilled Excitement - red and white organic wines respectively, both to contain a case of medium bodied wines, not too rich and powerful, and not too timid and neutral. We've just thought it has been so often we go to a party and they serve something too neutral and flavourless or on contrary too powerful that we seek some proper food to have it with. Why compromise? These organic wine cases contain medium bodied wines that are not just healthier for you, but also versatile in terms of pairing suggestions. Have a look at them at Members Only section (if you are a Member please log in with your registered email).

2. Three kinds of Inquisitive Explorer wine subscription. This is the most intriguing option as you will not really know what’s coming your way (apart from your selected red or white wine options). This is where this serendipity shines the most! Just to add that we all like to get the best deal, so if the in-store option is not great, we all go for an online shopping. Nothing wrong with that. We all want great value for money, so this Inquisitive Explorer subscription comes with the bonus - some organic produce every month for you to explore, tasting notes (of course if you want to double-check!) and a tasting booklet with your first one. All for just £49 (excl shipping) and again accessible only if you are a Member: at Members Only page.

This is what Organic Wine Club offers in terms of wine subscriptions. Care to explore this exciting world of wine subscription serendipity?

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