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We have some amazing news for all of you! As we've got the keys and started refurbishing our physical store, we also have finally started to officially sell our organic wines online! 

After weeks and weeks of wine tasting we have finally got it - 120 (sharp!) organic wines that all went through our scrutiny and we can vouch / describe / explain each one of them to you.

During these wine tastings we have changed our approach a little bit. We have started with wine styles and aimed to represent different styles and flavour profiles well. However, it was a bit of a struggle sometimes to find a very good (or outstanding) organic wine in a particular category (we did struggled with sulphite-free wines!). That's why the change is here - we do not aim to represent countries or styles, we simply list the wines we want to drink ourselves that match different occasions. In this way we can guarantee a flavour satisfaction that will meet your expectations. How is that?

Organic Wine Club stock of glorious organic wines, new wines, different wines
This is how our rough storage room looks like now. We have all these 120 wines in stock, ready to be snapped and enjoyed.

You probably wonder which countries at the end made it to our shortlist.. Well in a spirit of a wine sport (if there is such.. well at least we have Euro football and Olympics this year), we oblige! 

Can you guess which country is on top of our list for organic wines?


Well, OK, it is not just one. For some strange coincidence (is it, though?), we have two winners: France and Spain, both at 33 positions in our initial organic wine stock list! Just go to our Wines tab and browse.

Third place.. not that obvious as it is not Italy! Meet our New World organic champions - Chile! Yes indeed, with 16 positions in our list they doing well. The wines are great, offer a lot of value (probably the most of under £10-er wines) and super-versatile.

Italy is fourth with 8 positions. Great variety of styles too, they are really starting to catch up on organic and natural arenas. We watch this space now.

Fourth and fifth places are divided between two absolutely different regions of the New World - Argentina and New Zealand, as they both have 6 positions here. From heavy-weights, dark wines and aromatics to lighter and fresher wines - these two regions are offering concentration and complexity - try for yourself!

Variety of organic wines at organic wine club in London: stock picture
It would be difficult to navigate in our storage room as we have countries represented with less than 5 positions. You can see this mess here. Gosh, please nobody moves anything otherwise I never find anything! 

Moving on, with 4 positions each are wine trade allies (from Medieval times) - Portugal and your beloved United Kingdom! Whoop-whoop! What, you did not know UK had great wines and some of those are organic?! Shame on you! 

Just kidding.

We have a few rather typical Portuguese wines - rich reds and a very robust white from Lisbon, yet UK wines are to astonish you. Glorious rose wine from Surrey, good Pinot Noir, great quality sparkling and a mind-blowing white from Sussex. Prove us wrong! We have not tried such a complex and expressive white for a long time as Davenport Horsmonden Dry White 2015. It is not often you can say 'drink local, support UK, and drink organic'.

To conclude, Germany follows suit at 3 positions, Australia and USA both at 2 and finally Austria at just 1.

These are the wines that went through our taste test. Care to try some for yourself? Have a look at the whole list of organic wines here. Get even more value for money when buying a case - browse our pre-mixed red, white and mixed Introductory and Classic organic wine cases.


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Organic Wine Club Manifesto

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Organic Wine ClubWelcome to Organic Wine Club. Here is our public commitment to our goals, company vision, wine mission and the most important values. 

This is our Organic Wine Club Manifesto, so you will know why we've created this wine club, why we have decided to focus on organic wines and what is our wine mission and business values.

Organic Wine Club Manifesto: our values and wine mission

It is available to download as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document: Organic Wine Club Manifesto.

We have also created a short introductory video featuring our values  - hope you enjoy! Visit us in-store or browse our organic wines online and let's have a chat. We would be delighted to discuss all things organic wine.

Here is a full transcript:

Organic Wine Club is UK’s first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines.

We have created this club to offer:

  • delicious organic wines that we will drink ourselves;
  • variety of flavours to explore by buying our wines online or coming over for tasting;
  • members-only exclusive cases and discounts;
  • wines that are healthier as compared with conventional wines.

Organic lifestyle is not just an increasing trend, it is a way of life for many who look after themselves and care about the environment. Our wine club delivers on taste, value for money and health aspects of wine shopping. For us great organic wine is not a goal in itself, but is a perfect partner for your culinary delights, cooking adventures and social gatherings, so we want to introduce it to you after having tried ourselves.

It is indeed a sharing economy. We involve our Organic Wine Club members in distributor-led tastings. Shared feedback allows us to decide which wines to source.

Our Mission: Helping people to drink less but better wines!

We do not aim to represent all possible regions or styles, but to offer great tasting organic wines, which we will drink ourselves. That include different and unusual wines. We expertly handpick the best organic wines sourced from dozens of UK importers and distributors who work with small artisan organic wine producers.

Our Vision for the business: Helping customers to succeed in their happy and healthy lifestyle goals.

Our Values:

  • Sustainability and healthy lifestyle by drinking organic wine
  • Living socially and contributing to society
  • Sharing your expertise and different flavour experiences
  • Mindful, meaningful  and pleasant living

Our Promise: Provide delicious organic wines expertly handpicked for you to deliver variety of great flavours at a good price. Offer up to 25% organic wine discount for our wine club members.

Finally, a gentle reminder about organic wines. They are made of grapes grown organically, so no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are entering your body and meddling with your mind. Drinking a better wine, made with care and without a safety net of added chemicals, will contribute greatly to your well-being, both physical and mental.

Organic Wine Club Team is looking forward to seeing you in store, hearing from you over the phone or via email or live chat. Drink organic wine with us!

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Organic Wine Club is offering exciting launch cases

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Hello to you all, organic wine lovers!

When we have started thinking about creating a club that is solely dedicated to organic wines, our intention was that our customers would never be bored with the different flavours to match various occasions, meals and social events. 

25% off organic wines - Launch Promotion

We are launching our brick-and-mortar store in South-West London, borders of Surrey, in Worcester Park very soon, but to celebrate the launch of online wine club, we've decided to offer 80 cases of organic wine with a generous 25% discount off retail prices and more benefits on top. 

Pre-Launch Organic Wien CasesWith these cases we offer a taster - 6 bottles of what we've called 'everyday organic wines' for just £59.45, a wider selection - another 12 bottles case to introduce you to variety of different flavours for £127.81 and also 6 amazing organic wines that we think are one of the best in class for less than £100. Browse them, check out our additional offers and we will be delighted to welcome you as one of our first 80 members! You will also enjoy a priority access to all of our wine tasting events. 

Please see a selection of our pre-launch organic wine cases here.

Thank you very much!

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