The good, the bad and the ugly: wine prices

Posted on March 22, 2017 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

the good, the bad and the ugly - wine prices

Quite a few years ago I had quite mixed feelings about prices for a bottle of wine. At one hand, I thought that more expensive wines should most definitely taste superior. Yet being enslaved to the corporate world at that time, I did not want to splash out on a very expensive bottle every week. You know, saving for a deposit and all that jazz.

There is also quite a difference between supermarket prices and independent wine shops - the latter seemed to have a more exciting but also much more premium stuff, whereas I could simply pick up that bottle of uncomplicated everyday red for £7-£9 in a supermarket, no fuss.

That was my story back then. I obviously did not know any insider facts about wine industry and why some things are as they are.

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New Wines at Organic Wine Club - March 2017

Posted on March 19, 2017 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

new wines at Organic Wine Club - March 2017

Isn't it nice to try a new wine from now and then? You can potentially find a new favourite. We at Organic Wine Club taste more than 3000 wines a year only to select 150 that we currently have listed. It is a vigorous process and we feel sad sometimes when we need to say no to a pretty good wine that just doesn't make a cut. Yet today's story is about three new wines that actually made it to our organic wine list!

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Healthy Fats & How to Match Them With Organic Wine

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healthy fats and organic olive oil

We have heard how bad fat is for us. We are obsessed with low fat produce and cutting fats out of our diets.

You can aid your physical and mental health by consuming good fats. Contrary to popular beliefs, if you learn how to eat healthier fats, you will not only boost your mood and immune system, but also brain function and help to trim your waistline.

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10 veggies a day and organic wine: healthy recipe for good nutrition

Posted on March 06, 2017 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

10 vegetables and wine

I want to discuss whether it is easy to incorporate 10 portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily menu. It includes a recipe to make this choice as painless as it could be. I will also  suggest how to match your 10-veg healthy recipe easily with a light red wine that is high in antioxidants.

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What is Wine that is not Suitable for Vegans?

Posted on March 04, 2017 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 0 comments

vegan wine barrels

Wine is essentially grape juice, right? It is made from crushed grapes, that grow from vines and not they are not modified to grow on badgers. So how on earth can wine not be suitable for people who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? Read our Store Manager's post on vegan wine.

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Sulphites in Wine: perspective from winemakers

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

Sulphites in wine: perspective from our passionate winemakers

Sulphites in wine are important to consider for health reasons, to alleviate allergy symptoms and to help people suffering from asthma. Many people ask us whether these natural wines are better or worse because the wine is made without added sulphites. Here is our winemakers' perspective on the issue:

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Vegan recipes & vegan wine: what are the best matches?

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Veggie recipes: healthy green salad & vegan wine pairing suggestions

As you already know from our no nonsense guide to food and wine matching there are some considerations to be made when deciding on good pairings. What does it mean for vegan recipes and vegan wine? Are there are additional ‘rules’? Are there any suggestions that affect the pairings? Let’s explore!

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