Organic Wine Club is offering exciting launch cases

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Hello to you all, organic wine lovers!

When we have started thinking about creating a club that is solely dedicated to organic wines, our intention was that our customers would never be bored with the different flavours to match various occasions, meals and social events. 

25% off organic wines - Launch Promotion

We are launching our brick-and-mortar store in South-West London, borders of Surrey, in Worcester Park very soon, but to celebrate the launch of online wine club, we've decided to offer 80 cases of organic wine with a generous 25% discount off retail prices and more benefits on top. 

Pre-Launch Organic Wien CasesWith these cases we offer a taster - 6 bottles of what we've called 'everyday organic wines' for just £59.45, a wider selection - another 12 bottles case to introduce you to variety of different flavours for £127.81 and also 6 amazing organic wines that we think are one of the best in class for less than £100. Browse them, check out our additional offers and we will be delighted to welcome you as one of our first 80 members! You will also enjoy a priority access to all of our wine tasting events. 

Please see a selection of our pre-launch organic wine cases here.

Thank you very much!

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