The great effects of a juice cleanse

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Plenish cleanseWe have teamed up with Plenish Cleanse to bring you the latest in juice cleansing.

They have asked one of their experts to outline the main benefits of cleansing and here it is it - enjoy!

A juice cleanse is the ultimate way to super-charge your body with vitamins and minerals and wipe the slate clean. From glowing skin and increased energy to a natural and organic way to reach your happy, healthy weight, cleansing is all about making you feel your utter best inside and out. Wellness coach and nutrition expert Rebecca Hirst shares her top cleanse benefits here.

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'Nose to Tail' food concept comes to wine

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organic vineyards and olive trees - biodynamic viticulture

I will start with something personal. About 10 years ago a visit to this restaurant completely rocked my world. I will start explaining and I’m sure you are going to guess the name of this fantastic establishment. I had roast bone marrow with parsley salad on toast followed by pig’s trotters stuffed with potatoes and brill baked on green and white vegetables.

This is a famous 'Nose to Tail' concept to food.

We now bring this concept to wine, find out how in our post

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P.E.T. for Wine?

Posted on August 21, 2017 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 1 comment

PET for wine?

Let me start with a question, do you remember not so many years ago when there were a few people who complained because their wine was not sealed with a cork? Oh yes indeed, I am talking about the life changing and extraordinary event that rocked the world of wine, the screw cap!

Well let me draw your attention to a slight pickle I had last week. I was feeling maybe just slightly under the weather and I knew that the recycling had to go out. Now my recycling is quite full most of the time, mainly empty wine bottles. But here I was complaining to myself about the weight of these boxes and I started to think, why is this so heavy? Then I realised, wine bottles are bulky.

Let's discuss an idea to bottle wine in P.E.T! Is it a viable solution?

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How to Love Your Mornings After

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love your mornings after

Have you ever had just a few glasses of wine and then could not wake up the other morning or felt rather ill? 

This article discusses natural wines and how to get healthier wine on a budget.

Many of our customers were recommended to switch to organic, biodynamic or sulphite free wines. Most of them took this advice from food related magazines, nutritionists or newspapers. They all agree that sulphites and other allergens cause headaches and ill effects. So, it does not matter if you are already sensitive to sulphites or not, with natural wines are you going to get a cleaner, purer and an honest expressive product that is healthier for you.  

So what's important to know?

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Save your time and spend it generously

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slowest animal in the world for wine and time article

Time is precious, don’t you think?

It is definitely a very valuable asset to say the least. We have lots of time, it is true. Yet do we really pay attention to things that matter?

We can claim back some additional time reserves by trusting professionals. My friends save time by getting help to do their cleaning, ironing and gardening. They can spend their precious little time watching their children grow up, enjoy time with friends and focus on the things that matter the most in life.

Let's talk about your wine decisions.

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How a wine drinker eats healthily?

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wine and health: health benefits of organic wine

There is an on-going debate that we are bombarded with lots of adverts, however there are many facts, tips and information that can be lost in translation. My personal feeling is that it can become overwhelming and we decide to stay away from it by simply not noticing much. That’s how our attention span becomes shorter and shorter.

As a wine drinker, I am concerned about staying very healthy. My friend once told me that it is not in the gym we become healthier, but in our homes. Nutrition is increasingly important. We all know life situations cannot be resolved by overeating or binge drinking, so it could be worth looking beyond our bodies and treating ourselves better.

This article aims to combine science behind nutrition and wine drinking with some practical tips that you can use right now. I invite everyone to share your own thoughts, as I am sure you’ve got your personal ticks. Together we can make our lives just ever so slightly better.

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The Barbecue Lover's Guide to Wine

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BBQ wine, drink organic wine with your barbecue

In the summertime, in the summertime! So, I have been sitting here this morning and I have some old Will Smith songs ringing in my ears! Oh, remember the days…

BBQ season is upon us and our customers obviously cannot be more pleased! I think I am the only one in the neighbourhood who is not in shorts and flip flops. Anyway, let’s talk about wine and BBQ, and I am not only talking about rose! Let’s look at some BBQ favourites and find you an incredible wine to drink!

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