Vegan Paleo - Could this be a thing?

Posted on 16 April, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

Last summer I had an incredible reception from our article on Paleo. It was picked up by many food bloggers and specialised paleo websites. After all, there wasn’t many resources on whether wine is Paleo friendly or not. Even knowing now that wine is not strictly speaking Paleo, natural wine that is made of fermented grape juiced naturally, without preservatives and using native wild yeasts. It is a close as nature would have intended it to be. It appears to be just common sense.

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Being Vegan on a tight budget?

Posted on 02 April, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 1 comment

Often at times when I mentioned living a vegan lifestyle, there was always some who passed comments on how hard it is. I truly hope that with my previous recipes it was evident that it can be easy to cook and doesn’t require anything too particular or specialised such as a sous-vide machine. However, others have mentioned that it is the typical lifestyle of hippies, who don’t count their money and can afford over-priced groceries.

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March Organic Star! Galets Dores, Mourgues du Gres, France

Posted on 27 March, 2018 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 0 comments

This has always been a somewhat conundrum of a wine for me. With is boldness and gentle flavours, it has been hard for me to determine how to push this unassuming bottle. Looking at its relatively moderate history, it still doesn’t over bore in the mind. So how can you single this particular wine out for an entire article to describe the its star quality? That’s easy, the wine is quite simply divine!

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The 'I'll Do It Myself Busy Book'

Posted on 25 March, 2018 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 0 comments

What is a Busy Book?

A Busy Book is a fun, sensory learning tool for young children aged from 1-5 years. They are story books for boys and girls aged 1-5 that helps with their personal development, so things like brushing their teeth and tying their shoes can become a fun game in real life, rather than a boring daily chore.

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The Spring Lovers guide to Wines!

Posted on 20 March, 2018 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 0 comments

So, its almost here, in 5 days’ time we will be saying goodbye to what has been a long, cold and miserable Winter, and saying hello to the start of something great, the new Spring season! It will soon be time to pack away the winter coats and dress down to shorts and flip flops. The trees will soon be in full blossom bloom and we will be able to welcome back the swallows and the geese from their warm winter hideaway.

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An Introduction to Mindfulness and Wine

Posted on 19 March, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

Have you ever found yourself finishing off a few large glasses of wine, or dare I say, a whole bottle?

Maybe your busy and stressful and schedule encourages you to create a small cabinet with a few bottles of wine, which dares you celebrate getting home with a glass of any wine?

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Free Run Juice, the health conscious answer for red wine?

Posted on 17 March, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

Over the last decade of two, many of us will have heard the phrase ‘first wine of the chateau’ or ‘free run juice’. Apart from the obvious association with greater wine quality, is there any substance behind wine that a made from just free run juice? But what exactly is it and how is this made?

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