Odfjell, Maipo Valley, Chile

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The winemaker Dan Odfjell, in his beautiful and secluded corner of Maipo Valley in Chile, is quietly producing some of the most exceptional biodynamic wines in Chile. From the levels of sophistication and grace these bold wines offer, its makes them even more intriging and satisfying knowing that Dan was a ship owner. 

25 years ago after discovering and falling in love with the region, he chose to invest in a some of this land, too which any proud Chileans will profess, has become of of the most fruitful, if not top, wine making regions in the Chile. 

The history of South America is long, rich and from the 1600's relatively well documented. In terms of wine, the arrival of the European man, has proved to be something great, but also something of a wrecking ball. Fast forward to the present day, with its mountainous terrain of exceptional highs and lows, is now naturally capable of producing some of the finest organic wine from anywhere in the world. 

At Organic Wine Club, we work with certifications. So it is required that we see the vineyards paperwork. This will include certification documents to prove that this is an organic vineyard, and also lab analysis reports of its produce. Despite the joy of sspending our days reading these long and laborious documents, this is the only way for us to be able to offer the straight forward and definitive answers to the questions from our customers.

In a great number of ways, Organic Wine Club and Dan Odfjell have very similar beliefs and values. There is one thing however that we differ on, whilst as a retailer we chose to follow, and sometimes forward think, current trends. Simply glancing at my Louboutin's will prove this. Odfjell is different though.

Back then whilst working on his vineyard, the emerging trend was to work with the newer and younger vitis vinifera. These younger vines were creating wines from bigger and bolder grapes in a lighter and fresher style. Dan chose to work with what nature had provided, and is still producing today. This odd decision at the time to work with old wines, has clearly demonstrated, not just his love of wine, but also his passion for the earth and the absolute resolve that is required to be a certified organic and biodynamic winemaker. 

Most recently with his passion for green winemaking and sustainable farming, Dan Odfjell has become a member of the prestigious Vignadores de Carignan. He now has vineyards across the length and wide depths of Chile from Casablanca and Maipo through to Maule. This provides him with a wealth of terroir and climates.

With the issues facing our planet today, global warming, over-farming, deforestation and desertification, with some political and religious ideologies, there doesn't seem like a more pressing time to consider how the planet will cope for the next few generations. But in order to try and work through the mess we have created for ourselves, producing and purchasing organic and biodynamic wines is an exceptional and simple way to show that we care.

We have taken so much, yet Dan Odfjell is showing that we don't need factories or machines, as these wines prove just how amazing the produce can be through organic viticulture and biodynamic techniques, crafting wines that fully maximise the potential of the region.


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