+45 mg/l

Every wine in the world has sulphites, its a natural part of winemaking that simply cannot be avoided. However the level that you are exposed to can be. 

Labelling laws state, that if a wine has less than 10 mg/l of sulphites only then a winemaker does not need to state this on the label, therefore making a wine 'sulphite free'. This however does not quite correlate with the scientific data which after tests have shown that individuals with a high intolerance to sulphites can withstand levels of up to 20 mg/l of sulphites.

Some of the wines in this section will contain added sulphites which is detailed on each individual page.

If you'd like to know more about sulphites, have a look here.

But have you noticed that wine labels do not have an ingredients list like food, drinks and cosmetics?