Riesling is perhaps one of the most controversial grape varieties in the world - it attracts a lot of fans, but also ones who cannot stand Riesling wine. It has got so many styles of wine that even wine connoisseurs sometimes get lost. Here at Organic Wine Club we've got a very varied selection of wines made of Riesling grape. Let us introduce you to organic Riesling!

What are most recognisable Riesling qualities?

Riesling is best grown in cool or moderate climate. It is very aromatic, with a very typical set of citrus aromas and generous minerality. The wines are generally very high in acidity and that allows the winemakers to produce a very broad range of wines made of Riesling. It also ages well and it means that those refreshing qualities of young Riesling can transform a bit and the wine would develop some additional aromas: toast, honey and smoke. It also mellows down with age. However, most Riesling wines are consumed young to fully enjoy the vibrant character.

Our entry level German Rieslings - Sander and Beetle - are typically fresh, with flinty minerality and elegant.

Alsace is another top region for Riesling wine and we do have two amazing examples -Meyer Riesling and Riesling made by the oldest cooperative, Cave de Ribeauville. Both are more floral and more intensely aromatic than German ones.

Austria, a birthplace of biodynamic movement, is a strong winemaking region for Riesling. We do have an organic Riesling made by Geyerhof, one of the top estates in Kremstal.

All these Rieslings are dry.

Finally, some off dry style, Hospitien Riesling from Germany has just over 5mg of sugars and it softens the palate and adds this wine sweeter notes and extends how this Riesling can be matched with food. 

Explore these amazing examples of Riesling wine made organically.