Low Intervention Wines

Our range of natural wines are made by artisanal and truly passionate winemakers, and the wines within this range are made by winemakers who care equally as much.

However, one single nights frost can potentially destroy the ability to provide for your family for over a year. So, what is a winemaker in this position to do? Small amounts of intervention in a few different ways can ensure that, with the gentle assistance provided, you can still passionately care for your wine, the environment and your family, as well as you, the person who will ultimately be  enjoying the delicious organic wine.

I'm sure many people can understand this perplexing dilemma, and we certainly do. That's why we created this collection of low intervention wines. They have all been created naturally following the same caring through process as our natural wines, but they may have undergone minimal aid in terms of filtration, fining or have sulphites added, only at the bottling stage of production simply to help withstand the adverse conditions that can be experienced by living wines when they are being shipped around the world.

All of these wines have a maximum sulphite level of 20 mg/l, which could be naturally occurring and added sulphites if necessary. Each organic wine has been made individually, and the products description will indicate the diet friendliness and sulphur levels of each wine.  

Find out more about sulphites here and if you are concerned about general symptoms, click here, and if you are in doubt you should see your doctor.