Alcohol Free Organic Vine Juice

Alcohol free organic wine is not an easy product to find. Generally, to make wine thats free from alcohol, the wine needs go though a de-alcoholization process which involves using chemicals to extract the alcohol. Due to this additional chemically-required step, we have never been able to source or stock an alcohol free organic wine.

Le Petit Beret is an adult French beverage, thats made from organic grapes and made following the same process as wine, without being fermented. This vine juice is also made with no added sulphites, sugars, commercial yeasts and it's vegan friendly. Also in a first for Organic Wine Club, these organic beverages are halal certified by the Mosque of Paris. As these beverages have not been fermented, the natural sugars levels are higher than most of our current lines.

This journey began in 2012 with 3 French founders, who do not drink alcohol and were disenchanted with the lack of alternatives. They were then joined by the renowned French Sommelier, Dominique Laporte. In 2015, Le Petit Beret won the 'Coup de Pousse a l'innovation' contest as the most innovative companies in the agri-food sector.