Organic Wine Club Customer Favourite 'Star' Wines

Customer Favourite Organic Wines

Do not take our certified wine expert's words for granted - trust our beloved members too! The below collection is our bestselling organic wines that proved to be customer favourites, offer a unique flavour profile and health benefits. These wines are simply super delicious. Great flavours, healthier wines and ethical organic produce - here is what's on offer here!

We've got plenty of styles for red and white wine lovers alike. Cannonau Sartiu 2015, red wine from Sardinia, was recently featured on Jamie Oliver's Super Food programme as a happy wine rich in antioxidants. It has been our bestselling wine even before that yet nowadays simply flying off the shelves. Two organic Rioja wines are also popular - one  classic yet natural red wine with no added sulphites comes from a prestigious Abel Mendoza winery; it is pricey, but so worth it! 

Clos Henri Petit Clos Pinot Noir is a New Zealand's gem that was also picked up by Decanter in July 2016 as Highly Commended amongst hundreds of Pinot Noir wines. Just a few are certified organic, so it is a rare and delicious find. If you want a richer style do not miss Cotes du Rhone Village 'Plan du Dieu' wine, it has been also featured in Decanter magazine in their Rhone Top-10; amazingly smooth and velvety wine. If you are still longing for something with even more punch, opt for Fatalone Primitivo - this wine will definitely provide with a fruit explosion (balsamic strawberries anyone?) and more!

On the white spectre you have a bottle of bubbly Prosecco that is amazingly smooth with a very fruity profile and pleasant but not astringent acidity. La Biancara Garganega is a natural white wine made with no added sulphites, it hasn't been filtered or clarified and remains very authentic and as nature intended. Soave is a great wine for celebrations as it has a bit more body, pleasant pear and citrus flavours and simply delicious. 

We hope you are going to try some and let us know which ones you prefer. Thanks!