Organic Wines made with Merlot grape in the blend

Merlot is a very popular grape variety as it offers soft palate, juicy red fruit flavours and can age rather well too. 100% Merlot wines are widespread, however winemakers are increasingly using Merlot in their blends. We all know Merlot in a classic Bordeaux blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, but all around the world it serves some role in a finished wine. Many wines made of very rich and robust grape varieties, i.e. Tannat, Malbec to name just a few, are using 5-10% of Merlot to make the wines softer, more approachable and easy to drink. It is of no surprise many people ask for organic Merlot in our store, so we have prepared a comprehensive list of our wines that are made of Merlot. Organic Merlot is better for you as it doesn't contain any residual pesticides in the wine and these organic wines are truly delicious. Enjoy!