Organic Paleo Wines

The Paleo diet, or as its sometimes known the 'caveman diet', some would argue that its a reason for washed-up celebrities to sell another cookbook or workout DVD as its just another fad diet. Then again, as humans we have survived as hunter-gatherers for thousands of years. 

The basis of Paleo is relatively simple, raw, honest whole foods, high protein lean meats, as well as fruits and vegetables which are low in only natural sugars  or high in antioxidants. So it should be easy to avoid anything processed or artificial, pretty much all dairy foods, and the obvious trans fats, vegetable oils and, strangely enough grains.

So, if you are looking for a selection of wines that will fit into your Paleo lifestyle or simply looking a collection of wines, which on the surface may help you un understand our own motto of 'Drink Less, Drink Better!'

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