Marco Colicchio Delica Cinquanta Filari 2016, Lazio, Italy

To have an exclusive wine in the UK is something of a remarkable fete, but to have 2 delicious white wines from the same winery in the heart of Lazio is a privilege. After sampling the Delica Bianco, this wine is a must for the bucket list of any wine lover!

It's golden colour that shines and glistens, and is already enough to capture every imagination. After the most enjoyable start of simply looking, the goodness continues with the heart warming aromas thats driven by the glutenous desire for the herbaceous and mineral notes, that's balanced perfectly and intertwined with ripe tropical fruits. 

To follow an introduction must be difficult, but the palate does not disappoint. The wine has a fuller mouthfeel, structured with exceptional finesse and with the flavours being a continuation of the perfectly balanced tropical fruits of pineapple and guava with acidity, dryness and salinity. 

Refined and warming, yet gracious and unassuming. This quality organic wine will delight every sense, will make anyone sing and if your not dancing at the greatness of this Italian artisanal craftsmanship, I'm certain even Bacchus will be bemused.

Food match: appetizers and snacks of squid or calamari, lean fish, cured meats, creamy pastas with fresh crustaceans

Wine facts:

  • vegan, gluten free, sugar free
  • this wine is not certified organic, but the winery is a member of Azienda Agricola
  • grapes: 60% Falanghina, 30% Grechetto, 10% Malvasia Puntinata
  • sugar: 0 added sugar, residual sugar <1 g
  • sulphites: contains added sulphites, total sulphites <35 mg/l
  • ABV 13.0%

In the first 10 days of September, the wine maker and his dad begin hand harvest the organically grown grapes which will then head into the tiny winery that they purchased in 2000, to begin the process of becoming wine. 

Marco Colicchio believes that if the grapes are good enough, they should be able to produce wine that needs to assistance or human interference. The wine is unfiltered and unfined, made without any added sugars and without any artificial yeasts.

With 3 days of malolactic fermentation, 8 months spent maturing in stainless steel and another month maturing in the bottle, this then goes on to create only around 1300 bottles for this current vintage.

Something from the Winemaker:

"My work takes place for most of the year in the countryside between the rows and the olive trees, which is why I chose to go down this difficult road. when I started, I set a single goal: to try to interfere as little as possible with those that are the natural life processes of plants and that vast world of fermentation and maturation of wine. I did not force myself to choose not to use synthetic chemistry in the vineyard, let alone to renounce to wineries that for many companies are the routine but that for me it meant making a non-sincere product, which did not reflect my territory nor much less myself. I try to make every year my wine, my different wine, sincere that no one else belongs to me and my vineyard can do." Marco Colicchio

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