Mixed No Sulphites Added Organic Wine Cases

Sulphite-free winesSaying no to SO2, is not an easy thing to achieve, especially as there will be a naturally occurring level of sulphites in every wine! These mixed wine cases have been researched and created by our wine team so that you don't have too.


This way you can browse through these wine cases without double-checking every wine, in every case, and then enjoy your morning after without headaches or wine allergy like symptoms, as all these wines have been made without the usual additives or any added sulphites. Choose from 6, 8 and 12 bottle cases of wine.

Please refer to a short memo on differences between organic, vegan, natural and no added sulphites wines to learn more

If there is something you would like to change in any of these cases, please get in touch and we can arrange something bespoke just for you