No Added Sulphites Wines

Did you know that 100% sulphite-free wine does not exist? This may disappoint many, but it's a fact: this term simply explains that there are no added sulphites in a given wine.

sulphite freeSadly, increased amounts of sulphites (preservatives) that are added to wine can cause migraines, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, headaches and more. Sulphite free winemaking assumes only naturally occurring sulphites and that when the label says 'Sulphite Free', that really means that the wine has less than 10 mg/l of natural sulphites. Some of our bottles do state 'contains sulphites', this refers to only naturally occurring sulphites. Each bottle has been inspected and clearly marked.

We hope you enjoy these delicious wines made without added sulphites, which we know expect shouldn't trigger wine allergy like symptoms and we do advise to drink responsibly! Please refer to our short memo on differences between organic, vegan and no added sulphites wines if you want to learn more.