Organic & Vegan Wine Collection by Organic Wine Club

vegan friendly

Organic wines suitable for vegans are those which are  not fined or filtered using animal - derived materials. We stock a selection of organically made vegan wines to complement your vegan lifestyle. Vegan wines allow all of us to care for the animals and the environment. Ethical vegan wines are delicious, made with care and precision, usually unfiltered and preserves unique flavour and character of a given natural wine. Less fining and filtration of vegan wines ensure greater depth of flavours, complexity and enjoyment from these vegan wines.

Learn more about vegan wines at our lifestyle blog: 5 Facts About Vegan Wines that Confuse Most People and Join Our Rebellion Against Using Animals in Winemaking Process: Vegan Wine Review.

Discover delicious vegan wines or opt for a pre-mixed vegan wine case today!