About Us - Organic Wine Club Manifesto

Organic Wine Club: about us

Organic Wine Club is UK’s first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines.

Our wine expert and sommelier scrutinises over 3000 wines each year just to handpick no more than 150 organic wines that are listed in our organic wine store. All of our wines are organic or biodynamic, majority is also vegan friendly, contain no allergens, added sulphites or preservatives. All our wines are fermented to dryness so it means a statistically sugar free wine. It allows us to say that our organic wines are diet friendly - natural wines are perfect for paleo diet, sugar free means no carbs and much less calories. Majority of our wines are made with minimal interventions in the winery so they are allergen free, made with no added sulphites or preservatives.

We've got the largest selection of sulphite free wines in the UK currently.

Delicious and soulful wines, made with no additives and preservatives and ultimately diet friendly - join us today and let us source you healthier wines for you!

expertly premixed sulphite free wine cases

Organic Wine Club was established in early 2016 by two entrepreneurs (Alex & Dimitri) who have created this wine club to offer:

  • delicious organic wines that we will drink ourselves;
  • variety of flavours to explore by buying our wines online or coming over for a tasting;
  • members-only exclusive cases and discounts of up to 25%;
  • wines that are healthier as compared with conventional wines.

Organic is not just an increasing trend, it is a way of life for many who look after themselves and care about the environment. Our wine club delivers on taste, value for money and health aspects of wine shopping. For us great wine is not a goal in itself, but is a perfect partner for your culinary delights, cooking adventures and social gatherings, so we want to introduce it to you after having tried ourselves.

It is indeed a shared economy. We involve our club members in distributor - led tastings. Shared feedback allows us to decide which wines to source.

Have a look at the attached pdf document for a brochure on how we work!
2 pages of How to get the most out of Organic Wine Club

Our Mission: Helping people to drink less but better wines!

We do not aim to represent all possible regions or styles, but to offer great tasting organic wines, which we will drink ourselves. We like different, unusual, soulful and artisan wines.

Our Vision for the business: Helping customers to succeed in their happy and healthy lifestyle goals

Our Values:

  • Sustainability and healthy lifestyle by drinking organic.
  • Living socially and contributing to society.
  • Sharing your expertise and different flavour experiences.
  • Mindful, meaningful and pleasant living.

Our Promise: Provide delicious organic wines handpicked for you to deliver variety of great flavours at a good price. Offer up to 25% discount off RRP for our wine club members.

Finally, a gentle reminder about organic wines. They are made of grapes grown organically, so no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are entering your body and meddling with your mind. Drinking a better wine, made with care and without a safety net of added chemicals, will contribute greatly to your well-being, both physical and mental. Learn more about 'Why Organic Wine?' and also we hope you enjoy even more information on our News and Wine Offers blog!

If you still got some questions, please get in touch with us and before we manage to respond please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Thanks!

Organic Wine Club Team is looking forward to seeing you in-store (see map here), hearing from you over the phone (020 8337 3427) or via email or live chat. Drink organic!

Alexander and Dimitri of Organic Wine Club

Organic Wine Club is grateful to many notable magazines and authoritative blogs to review us, our organic wines and endorse us. We were mentioned in Forbes, Independent, TimeOut London, Vegetarian Living, Masterchef Gift Card, Jansis Robinson, Decanter, Free From Heaven, Foods Matter. Here are some quotes and links from this list:

  • “We are delighted to welcome the Organic Wine Club as an Authorised Retailer of MasterChef Gift Card. As the United Kingdom’s first organic wine club the team are dedicated to sourcing, testing and providing the finest organic wines. Coupled with the many health benefits and a passion for providing the best customer service the Organic Wine Club is a must for all wine connoisseurs!” The MasterChef Gift Card Team
  • Foods Matter wrote about our organic rose wine: "the wine very good to eat with delicate flavoured foods such as a lemon sole or other fish. One taster recommended it as a very good 'swigging' wine - to be drunk alone as the sunshine beats across the afternoon before sinking and leaving its warmth to the earth" 
  • Helen McGinn at KnackeredMotherWineClub.com reviewed our natural wine without added sulphites: Garganega 2015 Masieri, Veneto, Italy. She added that "it is deliciously light at 11.5% abv. A side of pork scratchings would be perfect".
  • Decanter about our launch: "organic wines are better for our health, because they are made without pesticides and herbicides, so we are not adding these toxins to our bodies"
  • Free From Heaven about sulphite free wines: "Organic viticulture and winemaking standards ensure that minimum amounts of sulphites are added, generally lower than 100 mg/l. That is why organic certification is important"
  • Vegetarian Living about vegan wines: "They are in huge demand right now as environmental conscious customers prefer to buy organic wines that were not fined, stabilised or filtered using animal-derived materials, gelatin or isinglass."
  • Ethical Hedonist reviewed our summer organic wine cases, organic rose wines
  • Sisley White wrote: "The Davenport Pinot Noir comes from the ‘Diamond Field’ vineyard at Horsmonden, UK and only recently been used for Rosé. My favourite wine from the Organic Wine Club so far."
  • Art of Healthy Living added that "Joining a wine club can be incredibly beneficial as it means someone else has done the tasting for you, which to put it bluntly means you don’t need to spend your money on the rubbish!"
  • WineSulphites.com & VeganWineClub.co.uk became our satellite sites that are focused on our targeted niches of no added sulphites wines and vegan wine portfolio.  

Thanks a lot for your support. For any press related questions please contact is via email or phone. Cheers