Eating healthily? Don't forget to upgrade your wine drinking habits!

grapes accumulate a lot of pesticides

Many people do not know that grapes accumulate more harmful pesticides and herbicides than most other fruit. It means that conventional wines are not just alcohol, they come with additional harmful substances. Why do you need to drink it?

Common sense tells us that less of those nasty pesticides will mean healthier you. That is how you can care for yourself better.

organic farming

What is the solution then?

Quite naturally, it is all to do with organic farming. It assumes that no harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers are allowed in the vineyard to grow the grapes. No artificial or synthetic preservatives are used, no colours added and no agents added to alter the taste; obviously nothing genetically modified.

Hence the definition of organic wine is that it is made from grapes grown organically. 

It is not just the absence of harmful things, organic organic wines are richer in nutrients & antioxidants*. 

We all know that red wine contains resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that protects against cancer, heart disease, is anti-ageing and may even extend your lifespan. You can imagine that pesticides can significantly decrease the potency of any antioxidant. In fact, the French government in 2012 officially released a statement that there is a link between pesticides and Parkinson’s disease in agricultural workers.

organic wines by Organic Wine Club

Have you even been told that those organic wines are better for you but they might taste weird?

It is a strong argument not to drink it, after all we all want to enjoy a very good wine. Recent advances in organic movement and also brilliant job of winemakers and sommeliers are bringing absolutely amazing organic wines to the UK.

Blind tests did not show any evidence to support or reject the hypothesis of taste differences anymore (as was proven by Decanter blind tasting panel). 

Organic wines are not different from their conventional analogues, more so, they are expressive of the nature and soil and pure with the fruit flavours.

Make the first steps towards your healthier lifestyle with organic wine!

Where do I start with organic wines?

It is important that your wine is exciting. It is probably true that we’d rather have a soft drink than have a glass of a disappointing wine. This excitement comes from met expectations, which are dictated by what kind of food you are going to have or what is the occasion. Therefore there is no one-fits-all approach, instead you can embark on your own flavour discovery journey, be it by buying an organic wine case (we have some exciting New to Organic pre-mixed cases or Customer Favourite cases) or simply trying a few bottles as an organic wine trial. Organic Wine Club offers friendly and personalised service to select great tasting organic wines that are better and healthier for you.

Drink responsibly and enjoy your upgraded dinner! Better wines - healthier you. Get personal service from organic wine experts

*Organic wine benefits as per Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Southampton, University of Rome’s Clinical Nutrition, University of California at Davis and University of Newcastle.