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natural wines made without added sulphites selected by Organic Wine Club

Are you curious or concerned about what's inside your wine?

Organic Wine Club is an independent niche wine retailer focusing on organically made and multi diet friendly wines. We have expertly handpicked organic* wines made with no added sulphites, additives, preservatives and allergens. We are the UK’s first health conscious wine shop.

Big winemaking corporations can use over 50 different additives which are allowed within EU wine production including sugars, sulphites (sulfites), preservatives, colourants and flavour adjustment agents and more. They can trigger allergic reactions, wine-allergy like symptoms, headaches, hangovers and other ill effects.

* All our wines are made following the organic principles, however not all of them are officially certified with the reason only known to the winemakers.

How about no more difficult mornings after, potentially caused by excessive sulphites or other harmful additives? 

At Organic Wine Club, we expertly handpick our wines to be:

  • organic, organically made or biodynamic, so you won't consume any residual herbicides or pesticides;
  • made with low sulphur as we try to source wines that contain 45 mg/l or less. Some have no added sulphites at all, so people suffering from asthma or wine allergy can consider wine again; 
  • vegan friendly as they're ethically made and contain no traces of dairy, eggs, fishbones or cow's intestines; 
  • diet friendly after being made without additives, so they are perfect for paleo, keto, low carb diets;
  • have a very low residual sugar level, or statistically sugar-free wines, as we try to source wines with no added sugars wherever possible.

What do we mean by no headaches or allergies triggered by excessive sulphites?

Provided that you drink responsibly, our wines have the added bonus of skipping the headaches or 'morning after effects' too, as this feeling can often be triggered by the excessive levels of sulphites, sugars or additives. We are certain that you will would be happy you knew us the morning after the night before!

Have a look at our member reviews: our wine club members are sharing their opinions on better mornings, no hangovers and being able to run with energy the next day.

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