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Welcome to Organic Wine Club

Welcome to Organic Wine Club

Please let us introduce ourselves and showcase why Organic Wine Club is different. As a reward, we will give you some wine vouchers and explain how to get even more benefits from shopping in our online wine store.

Do you really know what's inside of your wine bottle?

Have you noticed that there is no information about wine ingredients on the label? This is because large winemaking corporations are using dozens of additives that are allowed in wine production: sugars, sulphites, preservatives, colour and flavour adjustment agents and more. They trigger allergic reactions, headaches and other ill effects.

Wouldn't it be nice to ensure that your wine is not only delicious but free from artificial pesticides, nasty preservatives, flavour additives, sugars, sulphites and other allergens? There is a solution to it - drink organic and natural wine.

delicious organic wines: no additives, no allergens, no sulphites; diet friendly

Yet there are a few more issues:

  • organic wines are not widely available with supermarkets and big chains, mainly as the small wineries across who make most of these wines don't make enough to allow the big chains a stable wine list; 
  • some organic wines could be mass produced to benefit from the tremendous growth in organic food consumption - industrialised wine can mean a major compromise on taste;
  • organic certification doesn't mean there are no sulphites added - Organic Wine Club's rigorous search secured the one of the largest ranges of no added sulphite wines in the UK!

largest range of sulphite free wine in the UK

What to do?

Well Organic Wine Club began like you a few years back. We did not know where to buy wines that are made with organic grapes, but also without additives, preservatives, added sulphites or sugars. That's why we decided to go on a journey to discover natural and organic wines that also taste great. Our team of wine experts, have sampled and  analysed over 6000 different organic wines only to end up with around 150 amazing bottles from all around the world in our organic wine store.

Over 50 of them are made with absolutely no sulphites added. It means no dreaded morning after or headaches that are triggered by harmful additives. Discover our expertly created pre-mixed cases of wines with no added sulphites. 

Our promise

Now you can order organic and natural wines that were carefully handpicked for their delicious flavours, tremendous value and their multi-diet and lifestyle flexibilities. You can get your wine case delivered anywhere in the mainland UK within 1-5 working days. Courier delivery starts from £4.95 and free for orders over £150. Get expertly handpicked organic wine for a better you!

We've got a lot of free educational guides on our natural lifestyle blog, Grapes Alive!, where you can further learn more about our organic wines and the benefits to your overall wellbeing. Many of our members have kindly reviewed wines and cases they've tried and many have agreed that they feel lighter and do not experience allergic reactions, headaches or hangovers. Do not take just our word for it, try these flavoursome wines for yourself!

What should you expect from our health conscious wines

  • organic* or biodynamic, so you don't drink residual pesticides;
  • naturally made, so there are no preservatives added;
  • all our wines are made with low sulphur (less than 45 mg/l) or no sulphites added at all, so even people suffering from asthma or wine allergy can drink wine again;
  • allergen free and vegan friendly, so they are ethically made and contain no traces of dairy, eggs, fishbones or cow's intestines;
  • diet friendly, as they are perfect for paleo diet, but also for keto and low carbs;
  • very low residual sugar or statistically sugar-free wines; utterly delicious, pure, clean and expressive.

* All our wines are made following the organic principles, however not all of them are officially certified organic with the reason only known to the winemakers.

We offer amazing member benefits at Organic Wine Club

  • Don't miss our on our generous rewards programme. Start by activating your account with us. It is free, no fees or commitments.
  • Help us to spread the joy of delicious organic wines and promote a healthier lifestyle. We will reward you with 2000 loyalty points per every successful referral (that's £20 for your to spend on wine!). To refer a friend, log in to your account, visit our WineDrops! Rewards page to send your friend a link to invite them. They will get 10% off welcome offer from you.
  • Get loyalty points on all of your purchases, reviews and social media following. Exchange your Wine Drops loyalty points for money-off vouchers and get some free organic wine on us! A truly rewarding wine club experience with 4% cash back for every wine purchase. Spend this generous cashback on delicious organic wines!
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  • Get access to exclusive member wines and cases by logging in to your customer account.

Looking to join our community?

  • We are happy to help you with expert advice and orders. Get in touch via emailphonetext or social media.
  • Order wine quickly through our easy iOS app (Android coming soon). 

We offer real wines with no headaches or hangovers caused by excessive sulphites. 100% Quality Guarantee + £8 off discount for your first order you can claim below & receive via email

Expertly handpicked organic wines for a better you. No allergens, no added preservatives or sulphites. No headaches or hangovers caused by additives. Drink better, smarter and responsibly. Love your mornings after!

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