Why Organic Wine Club?

Our mission
Organic Wine Club offers delicious organic wines which are better for your health. These are great tasting wines that you can savour for a longer period and hence reduce your alcohol intake. We want you to have a better, healthier and happier wine lifestyle.

Sounds controversial? How the wine business can actually encourage you to drink less?
We believe that a significant rise in quality of organic produce and increase in your wine knowledge will make you appreciate wine more and maximise your enjoyment and appreciation from every single glass.

What are organic wines? Organic wine is made of grapes grown organically and that means no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are entering your body and meddling with your mind.
We at Organic Wine Club believe that organic wine is better for you. It was made with care and without a safety net of added harmful chemicals and will contribute greatly to your well-being, both physical and mental. We encourage you to taste them, decide which flavours work for you the most and find your favourites.

Join us on our journey of helping people to drink less but better wines.