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Do you know how exactly the wine you've purchased last was produced?

What is the problem? Buying a well known brand of wine doesn't mean the winemakers haven't masked wine flaws or simply stabilised the wine with loads and loads of preservatives and sulphites. Excessive amount of nasty sulphites is exactly what differs a living wine from a stabilised and preserved wine.

Research* has shown that organic wines are richer in nutrients & antioxidants with no harmful pesticide residue. Natural & sulphite free wines are better consumed by your liver, alleviate possible allergy reaction and present no issue for people who experience breathing difficulties after drinking wine (i.e. asthmatics can drink sulphite free wines). 

This October Organic Wine Club is on a mission to spread the word about an exciting world of not only organic, but natural wines without added sulphites.

We've got one of the largest selection of handpicked (by our wine expert and our members) sulphite free wines. We would like you to try them!

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Handpicked grapes for natural winemaking

Dr. Jamie Goode in his book 'Authentic Wine' stated that 'many wines made without added SO2 taste fantastic.. Generally speaking, producers making more expensive wine can work with less SO2 with more confidence...'

Here is another issue about natural wines: great natural wines are also a bit more  expensive. There is no surprise as they need to be hand harvested, everything in the winery should be clean and hygienic, so there is no need to add sulphites, which also play microbial role.  

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Have you ever felt a bit odd after drinking a small glass of wine? A bit weird feeling like you are allergic to this wine? Our bodies rebel against preservatives. For some people it might be much more noticeable and potentially critical.

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7 myths about natural wines without added sulphites and more organic wine guides

Here are a few helpful guides about sulphite free wines, sulphites in wine, also a quick and easy recipe to match a fish dish with a delicious natural red wine.

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Learn about sulphites in wine and more on symptoms, wine allergy, wine intolerances and foods containing sulphites.

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If you are based in or around London, come and visit us for your own organic and natural wine tasting (Worcester Park, Zone 4), or visit one of Central London natural wine bars:  Terroirs, Soif, Antidote, Brawn. We hope you now know more about natural wines without added sulphites and are excited to try them.

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*Organic wine benefits as per Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Southampton, University of Rome’s Clinical Nutrition, University of California at Davis and University of Newcastle. Research was also mentioned in 'Introduction to organic wines made naturally' by Isabelle Legeron MW.