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Dear Tea Huggers, welcome to Organic Wine Club! 

Many people do not know that grapes accumulate more harmful pesticides and herbicides than most other fruit. It means that conventional wines are not just alcohol, they come with additional harmful toxins. Why should you have to drink it?

Organic wine is made from grapes grown organically. Organic farming presumes that no harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers are allowed to help the grapes grow. No artificial or synthetic preservatives were used, no colours are added and no agents added to alter the taste; obviously nothing genetically modified.

Common sense tells us that less toxins and less harmful substances will mean healthier you. That is how you can care for yourself better.

organic grapes

Additionally, if you look at the bigger picture, organic viticulture means better care for the environment. It takes over 3 years to convert a regular vineyard to a certified organic. Yet can you imagine how much harm intense spraying causes the soil? Some farmers say that after 7 years of an intense chemical fertilisation and spraying with herbicides they cannot even grow carrots there. So the soil then needs to ‘rest’ for years so it will have a chance to be naturally fertile again. Shockingly terrifying!

Organic wines offer health benefits as compared to conventional wines - they are more nutritious and richer in antioxidants. Natural wines made with no added sulphites are better too - they are living wines made without major interventions in the winery. They are a solution for everyone who suffers from wine allergy, sulphites in wine or simply wants to buy wines which are better and lighter for their liver. 

organic wine club Expertly handpicked delicious organic wines for a better you


  • We focus on great flavours. We have tried and tested more than 3000 organic wines just to handpick 150 bottles of organic wine & natural wine without sulphites added.
  • We focus on expertise. Our wine expert who holds Wines and Spirits Education Trust Diploma (DipWSET) personally selects our organic wines, conducts tastings with our staff and members.
  • We focus on personalised service & honest advice: genuine recommendations how to pair wines with delicious food and match with your healthy lifestyle

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