Organic Wine Club's Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Organic Wine Club

Before we even begin, here is what we promise to every Member: 

organic wine clubDrink less but better & healthier wines
organic wine clubExpertly handpicked delicious organic wines
organic wine clubPersonal approach to every Member

1.Is it a members only wine club?

Organic Wine ClubOrganic Wine Club is an independent wine retailer (wine store, wine merchant, you name it), so anyone can buy from us. You can read more about why we've created this wine club in our Organic Wine Club Manifesto. To learn why one should shop at Organic Wine Club, please visit 'Why Organic Wine Club is different' page.

We do offer a range of benefits to our members:


- At least 10% discount on club cases purchased. Our Wine Club Cases grant you a membership. Select from organic, no sulphites added natural wine cases, vegan wines and biodynamic wines!

- When you've joined, you can choose one of the carefully selected, tried and tasted  members only cases and also everything else in our store with your member discount of 10%. Members Only page will be available to view the cases you are an active member of ours.

- Wine Drops loyalty programme awards every account holder with points for every pound spent and referrals. Wine Drops are redeemable against future purchases. Get some free wine on us!

2. How much is a membership fee?

There is no charge in being our member. Once you’ve bought one of our wine club cases you are our member.

You can opt for a subscription case and get extra discount, but that is not a fee, just a recurring charge for your regular case of organic wines. If you are a member and subscribing for a members only case you can get up to 25% off! Start browsing Members only page, consider subscribing for any case on site for the best value for your money!

3. Why organic? Why are you limiting yourselves that much?

It is just a matter of beliefs. We are certain that organic is better for your health and for the environment too. Organic wines are made of grapes that were grown without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc, so none of these added harmful extras are added to your body. Common sense tells us that it is healthier.

On top of that you also care for the environment - imagine those vineyards sprayed with chemicals years after years. Nothing can grow well after such a devastating approach to agriculture.

EU organic certificationWe know that organic still remains somewhat a niche, but we are ready to demonstrate that these wines are not only amazingly delicious, but not overly expensive (our range starts at £7.90 only) or limited (we have started this business with over 145 different wines). We do not aim to represent all regions or styles, yet due to a fact that we are working with a dozen of independent distributors we can select the best wines for different occasions. You can learn more about organic wines and browse different sub-categories of organic wines that we sell: natural, sulphite-free, vegan, British, lower alcohol here on our Why Organic? page



4. Alright, so what about getting the wines delivered?

We are currently offering a Courier delivery service (3-5 working days) for £7.99 charge regardless if it is a bottle, 6 or 12. Mainland UK only.

1-2  working days Express Delivery is £12.63 (next day if placed before 12:00 noon). Only to mainland UK.

We also offer Free Delivery for orders over £85 (only to mainland UK). 

We offer remote shipping (Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and remote addresses) for £22.99.  

Currently we also offer a voucher code for all new visitors who subscribed to our newsletter (scroll down to sign up). Save £8 on case of wine (orders above £50).

5. It seems that I can get my wine cheaper in the supermarkets...

With a few rare exceptions you will not find any of the wines we stock in supermarkets. The reasons being is that big supermarket chains are only interested in mass produced, high volume mainstream wines. Our artisan wines (especially natural wines with no added sulphites) are produced in very limited quantities and supermarkets are simply not interested in listing small quantities. 

In addition to that, supermarkets rely on highly preserved, stabilised wines that will stay on the shelved for months and months. 

Organic Wine Club has a different philosophy - we source exciting organic wines that are better for you. They are made with little or no added sulphites at all and are living wines, which are richer in antioxidants and are lighter for your body, with no compromise on flavour!

Our wines are priced between £7.90 and £52. Unfortunately we could not find a cheaper organic wine that will also taste great, and at the same time we are not focusing on sourcing collectables, all our wines are to be drunk now. We also offer 10% member discount and regular promotions, so you can drink organic from £7. Enjoy!

6. Is it just a wine retail business?

We are a small wine retail business that wants to create a big impact with our natural wines.

wine tastingOn top of retail business we also offering wine tasting sessions (a bit of information about wines, try before you buy - that type of thing! Just visit our Tasting page to see upcoming events).

We have just launched WSET Level 1 and Level 2 wine courses. Have a look at our Wine School page to learn more!

7. Sulphite-free wines - why do some of them have 'contains sulphites' on the label?

All wines contain naturally occurring sulphites, but the levels are very low - up to 20 mg/l. By law only the wines that contain less than 10 mg/l do not need include that on the label. We have referenced all wines and the ones that are listed as sulphite-free or no sulphite added have less than 20 mg/l of sulphites. People who suffer from intolerances start noticing it when concentration exceeds 45 mg/l only. That is why we do not stock wines that have sulphites levels over 45 mg/l even if they are organic. You are safe not to get excessive levels of sulphites in your wines.

8. Delivery. You charge £7.99. Is it a bit much?

It is our Courier Delivery charge with APC or Parcelforce and we do not earn a penny for it. Wine, as you can imagine, is a bulky and also fragile product so not many companies even want to handle it. Sad times. We have worked hard to find one of the best possible solutions to get these amazing organic wines to you quickly and also safely. If you order on a weekday before 12:00 noon, we will do out best to ship the same day and the wines are going to be with you in 2-3 working days. Express Delivery is £12.63 and should you order by 12:00 noon, the wine will be with you the next working day. Please allow an extra day for remote addresses.

We regret to say that only mainland UK addresses are covered by our Courier Delivery charge. Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Ireland orders incur a delivery charge of £22.99. 

Should you wish to order some more wines for your party or a special occasion and your order is over £85, we will offer Free Delivery for you. Only applicable to mainland UK.

For those who live close to our store we also offer a Free click and collect service so you can bag all possible online discounts and pick up your order in-store for free. Unfortunately it is not automated, so please either place an order and we will refund you the shipping cost or call to reserve the bottles. 

We hope to see you soon online or in-store!

9. Broken bottles or wine out of condition - what to do?

When the order is processed and the shipment is at hands of our courier company we cannot be held responsible for any delays, losses or damages caused by third-party transportation. Do not worry, in an unlikely event of a damaged consignment, we will provide all necessary assistance and help in dealing with the courier company to arrange replacement, return and/or compensation. We prepare the goods for despatch in 1-2 working days, pack it with the transit boxes and air pockets and then ship the orders. Shipping is done during working days only. Please allow extra time for remote addresses. Please submit your mobile phone number to be able to track and direct your shipment as appropriate. Corked or tainted bottles need to be returned to us, we will inspect them and should they be out of condition, we will credit your next order for the respecting value. Please contact us with any queries - 100% Quality Guarantee!

Please let us know whether you think we should cover some additional questions here. Cheers