No hangovers or headaches triggered by additives or sulphites?

Organic Wine Club team

Hey you, wine lover!

Can we simply ask you whether you know what was actually in your glass of wine last time? Was it Merlot or Pinot Grigio?

Cool. Yet do you know how much preservatives, flavour enhancements and additives were there too?

Well, we guess not! There is no indication on the wine bottle apart from ‘contains sulphites’ (when the concentration is over 10mg/l which is true for most wines) and alcohol (12.5-13.5% abv to be average numbers however it can easily go up to 15% in hot climates or when the wine is ‘adjusted’).

Now... Apologies for delaying the most important thing...

Imagine, you can get additive free wine (so no added sulphites, preservatives, flavour enhancements or sugars) that will give you no headaches, allergic reactions and no hangovers (provided you drink in moderation) and at your door step?!

No hangovers. No headaches. No 'mornings after'?! 

Yes! Organic Wine Club is searching, sampling, scrutinising, selecting and, finally, selling the best organic wines that are of the highest health standards too.

You save time (searching), money (subscribing) and effort (get it delivered). You simply get amazingly flavoursome wines that are healthier for you.

If it is not a true wine lifehack we don’t know what it could be!

Organic Wine Club winesOrganic Wine Club has got healthier wines for different budgets and lifestyles. They are all organic and natural!

We believe that a good wine is made for enjoyment, not for headaches or hangovers. We invite you to secure your regular deliveries of delicious natural wines by subscribing to our Club. You'll save 10% off RRP and get an extra £5 wine voucher back each time you renew. It is a win-win!

Any questions? Visit our wine club subscription page to sign up and check full details on how it works. Try it for less with our £8 voucher you can claim below. More questions, just email them to us. Can’t wait to hear from you, cheers

P.S. Whilst you are waiting for your first case, here is something extra for you - our free e-book about natural wines, sulphites, myths and more!

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