Say 'NO' to a Wine Allergy

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Aren’t we all allergic to something?

I bet, even if nothing comes to mind straightaway! Alexandra Richmond, senior health and beauty analyst at Mintel, said: 'An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, with 10 million suffering from more than one'.

There is a whopping 4 out of 10 people who suffer from some form of allergic reaction during their life. There could be several allergens in wine that can trigger allergic reactions: excessive amount of added sulphites and sometimes high levels of tannins.

wine preservatives, sulphites and other nasty stuff

4.3 million adults are currently suffering from asthma in the UK. 3% to 5% of population also suffers from sulphite intolerance. It means that more than 2.5 million people ultimately cannot drink conventional wine.

I do not know how it is best to combine all these figures, but I know one thing: millions of people around us cannot enjoy a glass of wine without feeling nauseous, experiencing breathing difficulties or, in case of asthmatics, putting themselves at even greater risk.

When we started Organic Wine Club, we had thought that drinking organic wine is enough to take a better care of ourselves. In most cases it is true: ''better wine - better you'.

However, a better wine, in the eyes of wine allergy sufferers, is one without added sulphites. As natural as that wine could be produced - no residual pesticides as all organic wines are, but also not treated with nasty allergens and preservatives (sulphites).

It is now not surprising for us that we have had a massive success with natural wines made without added sulphites. Our first orders, when nobody knew about our existence, were cases of 6 ‘sulphite free wines’ and we’ve been working hard to select the best examples of delicious no sulphites added wines ever since.

Many people do not know that such products even exist. Hence we thought it needs a bit bigger boost.

Here is a short video about this issue:

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We are on the mission to spread the word about natural wines with no added sulphites

We encourage our existing Members and everyone else to benefit from our offer:

1. Get any case of our delicious natural wines and receive our expertly developed online Foundation Wine Course (worth £19.99) for free! Offer valid until 3rd May 2017.

2. The best bit will come from both your and our generosity - your purchase will trigger a gift to your friend. If you are thinking of anyone who is or might be allergic to sulphites, leave their details in the notes to your order (full name, contact number and address) and we will send them a free bottle of delicious no sulphites added wine for free! Scientists say that we are the most happy when we do good things to others. Do us a favour please - help us spread the joy and introduce your dearest friends to healthier wines. 

3. Order your own case today and add NOWINEALLERGY discount code when you finish your checkout to participate in this promotion. Nominate someone to receive a free bottle of no sulphites added wine today!

Here is our collection of Natural Wine Cases of wines with no added sulphites. Enjoy!

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PS. There would be events across the UK to raise awareness to such issues as allergy and asthma during 24 - 30 April (Allergy Awareness Week) and 3 May (Asthma Day). Here is our 7 Myths about Natural Wines with no added sulphites article, we would be grateful if you could share this too.

Created by Organic Wine Club, researched and written by D Safonov, WSET Diploma holder and wine buyer.