Supercharge Your Happy & Healthy January!

cacao - superfood, rich in antioxidants and nutrients; amazing chocolate

Aren't we all packed with our New Year resolutions now? For many of us it is very often to take better care of ourselves, keep fit, eat well and, dare we say, drink alcohol just a bit less. 

This January we'd like to introduce another superfood to you, a well-known cacao! Fully packed with flavonoids, antioxidants and tannins, it cannot be so similar to wine, yet also so difficult to match with.

Organic Wine Club joins you on this healthier January mission, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be a happy one too. We know wine aids happiness, but so cacao and chocolate. What do we have for you this January?

To start with, every customer, who purchases any case of 6 organic wines or more, or one of our organic wine subscriptions, and receive a sweet surprise: an amazing raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugar chocolate handmade in Australia and for you to enjoy! Sweeten up your January with Organic Wine Club!

We have also created a gift pack to celebrate all things cacao this month. It includes the following products:

1. Macachino Time: simply mix with with hot milk for your sweet chocolatey drink. This mix contains cacao powder, mama root powder, cinnamon and coconut sugar to sweeten it up. 

2. Arriba Time: brew a good spoonful similarly to what you do with ground coffee. Enjoy a hot unsweetened drink with a splash of milk or on its own. Make it lighter or stronger, so much room for experimentation! Caffeine free hot drink.

3. Four delicious raw / organic / vegan / dairy free / no refined sugar chocolates, handmade in Australia. Pure indulgence with no nasty sugars attached to it. Sweetened with coconut nectar, softer texture and amazingly tasty!

Wine and chocolate

For further inspiration, here is our December article about matching chocolate with wine and a few recipes how to make your own. We do have some 'Make Your Own Chocolate' hampers left for those who would like to make your own delights from scratch.

We wish you luck on your mission for healthier & happier January. 

Please let us know your success stories, what keeps you motivated, what sort of healthy food & drink tweaks were successful for you. We will reward the best responses with something very tasty!