Organic Wine & Tapas Club and Wine Tasting Events

Organic Wine & Tapas Club

Join us for delicious organic wine tasting and tapas


  • glass of organic bubbly or rose on arrival
  • 8 delicious organic wines to sample (0.35ml)
  • scorecard to keep track of what you've tried
  • 3 mystery wines to sample, try to guess grape varieties correct and win a prize!
  • a selection of charcuterie, cheeses and veg to enjoy during the evening
  • extra discount on wine purchases


  • every second Thursday of the month, begins at 7:00pm and lasts until 9:30 pm
  • Price: £16 p/p (only 20 tickets are available, book early to avoid disappointment)

We hope to see you soon for this wine tasting experience. 

Book your private wine tasting

Private Wine Tasting room at Organic Wine ClubWe are also taking bookings for private events, organic wine tastings and private wine club events. Browse our wine tasting packages here and Contact us to discuss your wine tasting needs if you require a Bespoke Package! We do have experience hosting private wine tasting evenings similar to the above Wine & Tapas event, contact us to schedule yours!

Our WSET certified wine expert will provide an introduction to wine and wine tasting process and you will learn more about organic wines in a friendly environment. Price also includes free samples of wine and a booklet 'Recommendations for Your Wine Tasting At Home' to take away with you. Our cozy wine tasting room is at your service. 

Never be bored with the flavours of organic wines. Learn more about organic wines, join our organic wine club, enjoy a very exciting organic wine experience and do not forget to treat yourself well and also gift your friends with some organic wine. We believe that if you will learn more about organic wines, you will appreciate it more and thus enjoy it more! Isn't it what's wine about?


Past wine tasting events:

26 November 2016 - Sparkling Wine Premium tasting with a new product launch. Alexander has put some thoughts together in form of our organic sparkling wine tasting report.

19 November 2016 - Alexander's Favourites (as selected by our Store Manager). See how Alex describes the wines and why he chose those three here in his organic wine tasting report.

5 November 2016- Big Organic Reds. We have sampled amazing organic wines from Priorat, Vacqueyras and Chile.

8 October 2016 - Dimitri's Favourites (as selected by our WSET certified expert). See our organic wine tasting report on these 3 superb wines here.

24 September 2016 - Warming Organic white wines. Pop in anytime: 1-8 pm. Check out our organic wine tasting report on these richer white wines here.

17 September 2016 - Chile is regarded as a best country for viticulture. We explore and discover hidden organic gems from Chile. See our organic wine tasting report on Chilean wines here.

 10 September 2016 - Italian organic wine tasting. See our organic wine tasting report here 

19 August 2016 - 'What are biodynamic wines?' - we taste different whites and reds that are certified by Demeter, a biodynamic certification body. Would you say that following a moon cycle in viticulture is important? Join us for this tasting from 5:30pm to 7:30pm to find out more! See our guide on biodynamic wines and tasting comments here.

13 August 2016  - 'Grenache. Garnacha. Cannonau' - a taste of this widely planted variety and how it performs in different climates and soils. We've opened bottles from Sardinia, Montsant and south of France. 3:30pm - 6:00pm pop in tasting. See our report on this red organic wine tasting here.

05 August 2016 - 'Exemplary bottles from our Lower Alcohol organic case': 5.30pm - 7.30pm pop in organic wine tasting. See our report on lower alcohol organic wine tasting here.

30 July 2016 - 'Organic Rose wines'. Self-explanatory. We take you on a journey from classic Provence to robust Chile and finish with an amazing British rose. Don't miss this out, organic rose are delicious (weather permitting of course!). 3pm - 6pm pop in tasting (free). See our report on rose organic wine tasting here.

22 July 2016 - 'Sulphite-free wines'. We showcase our range of delicious sulphite-free wines. No preservatives, no allergy reactions, and some people say less hangover. We had 4 different natural wines on display: 2 reds and 2 whites and you can read our report about sulphite-free wine tasting here.

16 July 2016- 'Battle of Sauvignon Blancs'. We sampled Old World, New World and a bit unusual organic Sauvignon Blanc wines. Our biodynamic Sancerre was a hit, so was a Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (bursting with passion fruit flavours). See our report on Sauvignon Blanc organic wine tasting here.

Friday, 8th July, from 4pm till 8pm we've hosted a Launch Party where we sampled 8 great examples of organic wines and a some organic Prosecco to toast our launch!
Organic Wine list:
White organic wines: Albet i Noya 'Nosodos' (sulphite-free), Gaba do Xil Godello, Beetle Riesling Brocken.
Rose organic wines: Domaine de la Colombette Syrah 2014.
Red organic wines: La Biancara Masieri Rosso (sulphite-free), Petit Clos Henri Pinot Noir, Cabirol Monsant.

Pre-Launch mini-Tasting: We have hosted our first mini wine tasting on Saturday, 2nd July, with 4 tasting samples of our organic wines! Thanks everyone who came to see us from 2pm to 6pm. So grateful to be of help! See our blog post about this first wine tasting here.  

Are you wondering what's the fuss about organic wines? They are made of grapes grown organically and that means no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are entering your body and meddling with your mind. Exciting! We believe that organic is better for you in general.

Drinking a better wine, made with care and without a safety net of added chemicals, will contribute greatly to your well-being, both physical and mental.

We encourage you to taste them, decide which flavours work for you the most and find your favourites. 

We believe that flavours are personal and wines should match your expectations.

Tasting is essential as flavours are very personal and are based on your preferences and also on your own expectations for any given occasion.

Wine Tastings provide advice on healthy and happy wine lifestyle.

Our own tutored wine tasting sessions combine nutrition advice, wine and food pairing recommendations and more in-depth information on wines. We do grape and country specific tasting sessions that are both educational and of course offer an amazing value.

Broaden your wine knowledge with our wine tasting events

Visit us in-store and learn more about wines. We will suggest some food matches for the wines, we can even tell you a story about any of our wines. Knowledge is power!