A warm welcome to Organic Wine Club

welcome to Organic Wine Club

Organic Wine Club is a specialist organic wine retailer focusing on natural and multi diet friendly wines. We have expertly handpicked organic wines made with no added sulphites, additives, preservatives and allergens. We are the UK’s only health conscious wine shop.

We are a small business that wants to make a big impact.

Can we ask you a question? Do you know what was really inside of your last bottle of wine? Have you noticed that there is no information on its contents on the label?

This is because big winemaking corporations use dozens of additives that are allowed in wine production: sugars, sulphites, preservatives, colour and flavour adjustment agents and more. They trigger allergic reactions, headaches and other ill effects.

What to expect from Organic Wine Club’s wines:

  • organic, so no pesticides
  • natural, so no preservatives
  • made with no additives or added sulphites
  • vegan & allergen free
  • diet friendly (perfect for paleo, keto, low carbs)
  • statistically sugar free or very low, but definitely no added sugar
  • delicious, pure, clean and expressive

On occasion, our wines might be a bit more expensive than you would find in the large discount supermarket chains. We have chosen not sell mass market wines that are normally injected with loads of preservatives, additives and sulphites. Instead, we are focusing our efforts to find fine natural wines that are made with love and passion by true artisan producers. Our average price of delicious additive free wine is £13 and this is how you can drink better and smarter if you are looking after your health. You also will be helping to support other small, local and mostly family run wine businesses.

No headaches or allergies triggered by excessive sulphites

Provided that you drink responsibly, our wines have the added bonus of being headache or hangover free too, as the hangover effect is often triggered by excessive sulphites, sugars or additives. We are sure that you would be happy you knew us the morning after the night before.

This is why we are going to become best friends!

friends of Organic Wine Club

All our suggestions are handpicked by our WSET certified wine expert Dimitri, but it’s not just about what we think ourselves. Our members love that all these wines are diet friendly: they fit perfectly to their lifestyle, be it vegan or paleo, sugar free or low carb diet. We’ve got excellent reviews from others just like you:

Alina B.: on Tragolargo wine: very good wine and no hangover!

Linda C.: I've only had one bottle… First time I haven't felt ill after drinking wine.

Carol H.: I have to say after drinking the sulphates free red wine I work up without achy legs and my sinuses were fine.

Derek B.: Good wines which I can drink without getting cramp. Also good service.

Glen M.: Fresh clean taste with no negative effects usually experienced when drinking non organic reds.

Emma B.: All the wines I have had so far are the best. So much so I am making a review video. Brilliant customer service, makes a massive difference. It's like Christmas when the box arrives with such beautiful healthy organic wine and to be able to drink without all the nasty side effects from sulphites.

Louise O.: First time I have tried No Sulphates Added wine and wasn't sure what to expect, a more 'rustic' taste perhaps? But no, they tasted wonderfully natural and this case is fantastic value with every wine top notch! Can honestly say I will never buy mainstream wine again.

Sometimes it just could not be said any better than it was done by Lyndon C.: The case of six no sulphites added wine allowed me to sample a varied range of styles and alcohol content. They do exactly what they say and do not leave one with headaches and nasal problems. I am hooked. Need to sample more before arriving at a list of favourites. Oh for such wines to be available at our local village pub. No more groggy, cloggy Monday mornings after the Pub Qiuz night on Sunday. Needless to say drink in moderation.

Thanks to Lyndon and other 5 star reviews we have been featured in The Independent, Decanter, Food Matters, Masterchef gift card, Time Out, Forbes and many more.

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Try our Health Conscious Wine Plan

Health Conscious Wine Plan
If you want to try an amazing selection of 6 natural wines, curated by our wine expert, opt for a Club case of 6 that is offered with 10% off RRP and takes into account your own preferences. This is a truly personalised wine plan with exclusive natural wines, all pure, clean and delicious! 

As a limited time offer, you can order just 3 wines from our Club case to try a few and see how you get on with these very natural wines. Enter code Try3 when buying a Club case and we will send you 3 bottles for £39.99 (plus shipping)! No headaches, allergies or hangover effect triggered by additives or sulphites. Drink responsibly and enjoy pure, clean and delicious wines that are healthier for you.

Join our community and receive your exclusive 10% member discount for all future orders. Create your free customer account to get advantage of all our generous wine club benefits. We do not charge any membership fees and there are no commitments or obligation to buy.

We hope to serve you very soon.