Why Organic Wine Club is different?

why organic wine club is different
  • Are you eating organic and would like to get the best possible organic wines for your budget and special occasions?
  • Have you tried organic wines before and they were hit and miss?
  • Do you want to consider drinking organic and need some professional advice?

organic wine clubExpertly handpicked delicious organic wines for a better you

  • We focus on great flavours. We have tried and tested more than 3000 organic wines just to handpick 150 bottles of organic wine & natural wine without sulphites added. You are to get only the best examples of organic wines from around the world.
  • We focus on expertise. Our wine expert who holds Wines and Spirits Education Trust Diploma (DipWSET) personally selects our organic wines, conducts tastings with our staff and members. Together, our customers and team are able to pick only the best organic wine possible.
  • We focus on personalised service. Our store manager who focuses on customer relations has vast hospitality experience culminating in top jobs in South Kensington.  
  • We focus on honest advice, genuine recommendations how to pair wines with delicious food and match with your healthy lifestyle.

organic wine clubEnjoy the largest range of sulphite free wine in the UK

organic wine - from grape to glass

Organic wines offer health benefits as compared to conventional wines - they are more nutritious and richer in antioxidants. Natural wines made with no added sulphites are better too - they are living wines made without major interventions in the winery. They are a solution for everyone who suffers from wine allergy, sulphites in wine or simply wants to buy wines which are better and lighter for their liver. 

Why Organic Wine Club is different?

organic wine clubWe do not sell mass market conventional wines. We offer only artisan wines made with love and care for everyone's health and the environment.

organic wine clubWe scout the market for the best organic wines and select most delicious ones that are healthier for you. Our WSET certified expert tastes more than 3000 organic wines a year just to select up to 150 great tasting wines.

organic wine clubWe dominate market niches of organic wines to suit different lifestyles. We constantly search for natural, sulphite free wines, vegan friendly, biodynamic wines to find great tasting bottles you will love. We have got the largest range of sulphite free wine in the UK. Healthier wines mean happier you!

organic wine clubWe want you to learn more about organic wines, so you appreciate them more and thus enjoy more. We create guides and organic wine reviews for you to know more. Knowledge is power!

organic wine club We are personal, we don't want to grow this business and become a faceless and characterless entity (just like those conventional wines). Meet our team in store or email us to get your case tailored to your needs! Here were are, Dimitri and Alexander:

Meet the team: Dimitri and Alexander of Organic Wine Club

Your organic wine success formula

know more -> appreciate more -> enjoy more
? -> ! -> :)

Better wines for healthier you. Get personal service from organic wine experts

organic wine club We are working hard to produce organic wine guides, so you can learn more about health benefits of organic wines, read our Organic Stars wine reviews and wine tasting reports. We have plenty of interesting and helpful articles covering natural wines with no sulphites added and much more at our Read Me blog.

organic wine club Not sure about which wines to try? You can e-mail your organic wine questions to us. We will be happy to get some recommendations for you.

organic wine club Joining Organic Wine Club is easy: buying one of our Wine Club Cases or Cases of No Sulphites Added Wines

organic wine club Members enjoy 10% anything in our store and access to Members Only wine club cases. You will need to be logged in with your email and password to be able to see these exclusive cases and wine offers.

organic wine club We also offer Wine Subscription: an exciting way to discover new organic wines. It includes wine tasting booklet, wine tasting notes and a complementary £20 wine voucher.

organic wine club To learn even more about organic wine benefits read our Why Organic Wine post. To get your head around different types of organic wine read our guide to Organic, Natural, Vegan and No Added Sulphites wines. Concerned about sulphites in wine? Read our interview with winemakers that covers those 'morning after' headaches.

organic wine club If you are not sure, but would like to have a go and try a few organic wines, we've got some exciting mini packs of organic and / or natural wines with no added sulphites starting at £24 a pair: