Why Organic Wine Club Really is Different

Organic Wine Club is UK’s first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines. Our Mission: Helping people to drink less but better wines! Our Vision for the business: Helping customers to succeed in t...

Organic Wine Club is an independent niche wine retailer, and our founders care  deeply about organic produce. Thats why we are focusing our efforts on soulful and delicious organic* wines, so that wine can be part of your responsible lifestyle. We are grateful to the passionate artisan winemakers for their tasty labour of love. We invite you on this journey to discover and enjoy fantastic wines made as naturally as possible, without or with as little, sulphites or preservatives, and additives such as yeast and sugar.


How nice would it be to enjoy a glass of wine that is full of life, vibrant and expressive, without allergy like symptoms that can be triggered by sulphites and additives?

* All our wines are made following the organic principals, however not all of them are officially certified with the reason only known to the winemakers.

Do you really know what's inside of your wine bottle?

Conventional wines can be sterile, filtered and, frankly speaking, chemically neutered. Life literally has been squeezed out of them. They can be full of residual pesticides and injected with high levels of sulphites to make them taste the same, prolong the shelf life and mask the flaws. Have you noticed that there is no contents information on the wine label? This is because there are dozens of additives allowed in its production: sugars, sulphites, preservatives, colour and flavour adjustment agents and more. They trigger allergic like reactions, and in turn, headaches and other ill effects.

We believe in wines that were made as naturally as possible, from healthy grapes, hand harvested and then carefully vinified, without or with as little, use of additives and preservatives (sulphites). These are living wines, they still contain living bacteria and, when consumed in moderation, should be less likely to trigger these allergy like reactions.

It is time to forget commoditised conventional wines and look back at artisan producers - they love these delicious wines and want to share this love with you.

Organic Wine Club is a specialist niche wine retailer that focuses on clean, pure, natural wines made without sulphites or additives. Our wine team has tried thousands of wines a year and scrutinises them against strict quality standards:

  • organic & non-certified organic wines made following the same principals
  • biodynamic & non-certified biodynamic wines made following the same principals
  • made with no added sulphites or as little as possible
  • low sugar or statistically sugar free
  • gluten free
  • perfect for paleo diet
  • no flavour alterations
  • smaller production
  • truly delicious!

We focus on personalised and sensible service, honest advice and healthier lifestyle. We've handpicked the best quality and value wines for a better you. They won't give you allergy like symptoms ill side effects that can be triggered if you drink responsibly. You will love your mornings after!

organic wine - from grape to glass

We are a small business and we want to stay personal with all our Members and customers. We always welcome your feedback, wine reviews, interaction on Facebook or other social media.

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So whats next and how do you get started?

organic wine club First of all, we are working hard to produce natural wine guides to outline the differences, health benefits and simply provide recommendations. Have a look at our lifestyle blog, read our short memo about different types of wine we sell, download our free e-book about sulphites in wine and consider buying our quick and easy Online Foundation Wine Course

organic wine club Not sure which wines to try? You can e-mail your wine questions to us. We will be happy to suggest some delicious wines so you can try them yourself. When consumed in moderation they won't trigger the wine allergy like symptoms. One of the best ways how to expose yourself to these wines is to join our tailor your own wine plan - you get 6 different wines from our range to enjoy and then make your own opinion!

organic wine club Joining Organic Wine Club is easy: simply buy 6+ bottles of wine or one of our Wine Cases or join our truly personalised Wine Club subscription

organic wine club Access to Members Only wine cases and discounts. You will need to be logged in to your account with your email and password to be able to see these exclusive cases, wine offers and discounted wines in bulk sizes. On top of that, we offer a generous loyalty programme, WineDrops!, which rewards members for purchases, referring friends and more. Join us a get access to all these benefits!

Many thanks for your attention. We hope to serve you for all your lifestyle wine needs and welcome you to our Organic Wine Club Community.

Please share your thoughts with us and our members on our Grapes Alive! blog or via personal message. Drink better and smarter!