Why Organic Wines?

Organic certification: Soil Association, EU, France, Italy, Demeter

Organic Wine Club has expertly handpicked delicious organic wines for a better you

Why organic wine?

Many people do not know that grapes accumulate more harmful pesticides and herbicides than most other fruit. It means that conventional wines are not just alcohol, they come with additional harmful toxins. Why do you need to drink it?

Organic wine is made from grapes grown organically. Organic farming presumes that no harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers are allowed to grow the grapes. No artificial or synthetic preservatives were used, no colours added and no agents added to alter the taste; obviously nothing genetically modified.

Common sense tells us that less toxins and less harmful substances will mean healthier you. That is how you can care for yourself better.

Organic viticulture and organic wine

Additionally, if you look at the bigger picture, organic viticulture means a better care for the environment. It takes over 3 years to convert a regular vineyard to a certified organic. Yet can you imagine how much harm intense spraying causes the soil? Some farmers say that after 7 years of an intense chemical fertilisation and spraying with herbicides they cannot even grow carrots there. Soil will then need to ‘rest’ for years and years since it will have a chance to be fertile again. Shockingly terrifying.

organic wine benefits: nutritious organic wines rich in antioxidants

Organic wines are richer in nutrients & antioxidants* with no harmful pesticide residue. 

Natural & sulphite free are living wines, lighter & better consumed by your liver, no allergy reaction or sulphite intolerance. 

World Health Organisation recommends that only 0.7mg/l of sulphites (sulfites) should be consumed per 1 kg of weight per day. It means that an adult of 70kg weight, who bought natural wine that contains 30 mg/l naturally occurring sulphites, can have a few large glasses of wine (up to half bottle). Obviously, when conventional wines containing over 150 mg/l it means much more harm to your body.  

Vegan wines: no animal derived materials used for filtration or fining. 

Biodynamic wines are made in sync with nature, herbal treatments are used, growers create a sustainable ecosystem.

*Organic wine benefits as per Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Southampton, University of Rome’s Clinical Nutrition, University of California at Davis and University of Newcastle. They are responsible to research 'is red wine good for you'

What kind of organic wines we sell?

Organic Wine Club does not focus on a particular country or style. Our wine expert has been awarded with WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Diploma to professionally taste organic wines and handpick only the best tasting organic wines that offer the above mentioned health benefits. These are organic wines we are happy to drink ourselves and we think our members will love them too.

As a result, we currently stock more than 150 different organic wines which represent a very wide variety of flavours and styles of organic wines. If you want to learn more about organic wine - head to our guide on what are organic wines. You can also read our new guide why it pays off to start drinking organic.

We have sourced delicious organic red, white, rose, sparkling and dessert wines for you. Our range covers plenty of regions too: from Old World (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, Austria) to New World (USA, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Organic wine does not mean expensive - our prices start at £8.5 and currently our most expensive bottle of wine costs less than £40. Here is our Introduction to best value wines and the best organic wines that we stock.

Join Organic Wine Club by buying one of Wine Club Cases or Cases with No Sulphites Added Wines, which suit to your lifestyle: no sulphites added, vegan friendly, allergen free and good organic wines. 

Sulphite free organic wineMore than 30 bottles in our list are natural wines with no added sulphites. You can read more about wines with no sulphites (preservative free) on our About Sulphite Free Wines page. In short, these are natural wines that are carefully made without added sulphites, so if you feel your wine allergy prevents you from having a glass of wine with your dinner, you can now drink wine again! For our comprehensive & delicious collection of Sulphite Free wines click here. If you want to learn more about wine intolerances including allergies, sulphites in wine and sulphur dioxide symptoms, head to our guide for more information. Browse our Natural Wine Club Cases with no added sulphites here, buying one will mean you join our wine club and enjoy 10% off everything!

Vegan friendly organic wine36 of our organic wines are vegan-friendly. Have a look at our vegan wine case to see our bestselling vegan wines. These are the wines that were not fined or filtered using animal derived materials (isinglass, eggs, intestines). Browse our organic wines and we have clearly indicated which wine is vegetarian / vegan friendly in its tasting notes. If you want to quickly browse all of them - click here for our full Vegan Organic Wines collection.

10 of our organic wines can be classified as lower alcohol wines. You can browse through our low alcohol case as well on our Wine Club Cases page. You will save some calories and watch your waistline better when opting for lower alcohol organic wines. Please note that we do not sell wines in which alcohol was reduced mechanically (de-alcoholised), we offer organic wines which are naturally lower in alcohol (around 9-11% abv).

British organic wine6 of our delicious organic wines are as local as you can get - we have selected some amazing English organic wines. We are very excited about these high quality organic and biodynamic wines from Surrey and Sussex. We source these wines from Davenport, Sedlescombe and Albury Vineyards. Care for new wine, different wine, sometimes unusual wine - we have English gems that will delight you with organic flavours.

Biodynamic organic wine10 bottles are biodynamic wines which were made in sync with nature: harvest and planting are done strictly adhering to moon calendar and only herbal treatments. Hard to prove scientifically, but it is a philosophy or a way of life - whether you are a believer or not, these wines are expressive, made with a lot of care and love and we stock some amazing delicious biodynamic wines for you.

Expertly handpicked organic wines for a better you!

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