WineDrops! Your Loyalty, Referral & Rewards Programme

wine drops organic wine club loyalty programme

Welcome to WineDrops!

1. Create an account, then get involved on social media

Start by creating an account with us to begin earning 200 WineDrops! Spread the word about us by liking and following on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube) and grow your points total simply by sharing. As soon as you create your account you will also recieve a code by email with our  Introductory Offer thats will give you £8.00 of your first order over £50!

2. Get 4 loyalty points per £1 spent

That's 4% automatic cashback! You will accumulate WineDrops! which can then be exchanged them for wine vouchers to spend on our website or in-store. Spend them yourself or treat somebody with a wine gift. This is a very generous cash back offer, but it will expire after 90 days of inactivity. 

3. Get £20 worth of delicious organic wine per each new referral

If you were to successfully refer 5 friends to us, you would earn £100 worth of wine! After that, they will reap the same benefit. It is a true win-win, begin today to get some wine on us!

We will credit your account with 2000 points when anyone you refer and orders anything over £100. Friend referrals are unlimited. Use your referral link: send it via email to your friends or simply share on social media to get started. 

What's more, your friends will get an introductory discount code for their own 10% off their first order, that's a true win-win-win! 

4. Get extras for Reviews 

Reviewing our site and products will also mean an addition 200 points per review. Easy way to top up your points balance before cashing in for the free wine on us!