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Who is Organic Wine Club

Who are we?

Organic Wine Club is an independent wine retailer were and the first wine club in the UK that is solely dedicated to organic wines, although we have added to this wines made following the same principals. We exist online, but also have a store located at 40 Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey (or Greater London if you prefer!)

Why to drink organic wines or natural wines without added sulphites?

Why organic wines?

We passionately believe that organic wines are better for you, in a sense. Drinking organic means you do not intake any residual pesticide residue (grapes are proven to accumulate quite a lot of that unfortunately). Organic wines with no added sulphites that are made by artisan winemakers generally, use handpicked grapes, wild yeasts and minimal, if any, intervention into the process. It means that you are getting a final product without unnecessary and potentially harmful additives, chemicals and preservatives. Provided you follow drinking guidelines, these wines are proven to be lighter on your body, people who suffer from wine allergies can drink them and overall you feel better the morning after (if such a thing was an issue at all!).

Largest selection of natural wines without added sulphites

It is a bit complicated with organic certification, sulphites and other types of wines

Wine should not be complicated or a product for elitist collectors. Great wines should be enjoyed, savoured, bring joy and potentially aid our happy, healthy and moderated lifestyle. Organic Wine Club has prepared a wealth of materials about organic, no added sulphites, biodynamic and vegan wines in our 'Grapes Alive!' natural lifestyle blog. We also believe that our customer success formula is: 'Know more, Appreciate more, Enjoy more'. 

Wine Club? What is it all about?

You join our wine club when you buy one of Club cases (listed below or on our wine cases page). You will automatically recieve your WineDrops! loyalty points and access to your exclusive Members Only wines and cases. There are no ongoing fees attached to it. Should you wish to have your own bespoke case or recurring subscription - simply get in touch via email, phone or text message and  will be more than happy to help. 

What do you mean by wines to suit my lifestyle?

We appreciate that some people might want something slightly more niche - i.e. wines that were not filtered or fined using animal derived materials, wines without added sulphites, sugars, yeasts, biodynamic wines or as local as possible. Organic Wine Club also offers a bespoke service so that if you are looking for a case thats not necessarily published online in our dietary cases, we can create that for you. 

Organic wines are slightly more expensive?

A question of pricing is a very delicate one. We have covered that on our blog when writing about myths about organic wines, yet of course handpicked grapes, careful hygiene and winemaking without the protective layer of sulphites and preservatives can be a bit more expensive. If you are unsure what these and unfiltered wines taste, we have selected a few of our bestsellers and combined them into a trial purchase of 2 or 3 bottles with reduced delivery charge (see below what's on offer, use discount code: 'TryNoSulphites' to get a reduced delivery). Another option is to come to one of our tastings (see info on our Tasting page) or to buy our short 6 months Wine Tasting Subscription.

What about gifts and hampers?

We have had the pleasure to supply many of you with our amazing wine gifts and just started offering hampers - both for festive season and corporate orders. We will add these to the website when we create new hampers and also mention them in our newsletters.

Organic Wine Club, we've handpicked the best organic wines for you

We also offer the sizeable selection of wines without added sulphites. Join us, let's discover and enjoy delicious wines that are better for you.