Introductory Organic Wine Club Case | 8/12 No Added Sulphites Wines

Join Organic Wine Club by buying this Introductory Wine Case of 8/12 wines that are made without any added sulphites. You can enjoy sulphite free wine case that includes 4 wines of 2 white wines and 2 red wines, with either 2 or 3 bottles of each wine:

  • Ilatium Morini Soave, Veneto, Italy - pear flavoured and refreshing Soave, a new wine with no added sulphites which is rapidly gaining popularity. Gently aromatic and delicate, citrusy and full of orchard fruit flavours this Soave is one of the best in class. Offers great value and an awesome match for salads, starters and even as a fruity and refreshing aperitif. Such a good white wine!
  • La Biancara Masieri, Veneto, Italy - this wine tastes very fresh, with toasty almonds and stone fruit, generous citrus notes and just a little bit of crumbly biscuits on top. It is elegantly aromatic and with a subtle richness, yet it is destined to be enjoyed chilled and aid refreshment. Enjoy it with light snacks, grilled fish and quick and easy chicken / turkey sandwiches. 
  • Tragolargo, Alicante, Spain - an exceptional red wine for the price, quality, drinkability and flavours. It is young, but let it not fool you - red and dark berry fruit truly excite, the palate has bolder body that the previous vintage, yet is also a refreshing finish with plenty of herbal twists for further complexity. Red meats and stews, will be good with rich pasta dishes and flavoursome veggie mains will all pair well with this wine.
  • Ottavio Rube Rosso, Piedmont, Italy - in the glass the wine is an intense ruby red. It displays fresh aromas, a dry and pleasantly bitter-ish taste in which there are recurrent hints of roses and in which the fruitiness is successfully wedded to the tang of tannin. It is a blend of Barbera, Dolcetto and Croatina, and this natural red wine is fresh, with abundance of red fruit (especially red sour cherries) and floral aromatics. Tannins are softened a bit in the old casks, but noticeable. Pair with low cooked dishes with beans when slightly chilled.

Enjoy this sulphite free wine case of 8 or 12 sulphite free wines and we hope to see you soon coming back for more. 

Read more about no sulphites added wine labelling here (short read).

Please feel free to contact us for advice or any information on organic and sulphite free wines.

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