Taste of Organic Wine Club | Irresistible Italians | 6 Organic Wines + 2 Prosecco

Did you know that Italy is currently the largest producer or organic and natural wines in the world?

When it comes to consumption by us Brits, Prosecco is one of the most consumed beverages, and we are the largest consumer of Prosecco in the world! So, with all this in mind, this mixed case of organic wines is created from renowned, but native Italian grape varieties. Enter code Prosecco to get one bottle for free!

This case will consist of these natural wines (2 bottles each):

  • Senzaniente Montepulciano - this no added sulphites red wine from Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC has medium+ body, is juicy and fragrant with notes of violets, plums, blueberries and game. Expect well integrated but noticeable tannins. It is a amazing natural red wine that is produced without any additives, any preservatives and technically 'sulphite free'.
  • Erbaluna Rosso, Nebbiolo & Barbera - Andrea Oberto has succeeded in creating a complex Piedmontese red wine with impressive length and great structure. This is a weighty, full-fruited wine with a distinctive balsamic nose leading to dark fruit and a lingering, chocolatey finish with firm tannins. It's definitely a food wine and we recommend heartily that it is decanted before-hand.
  • Senzaniente Pecorino - a rich and simply scrumptious organic Pecorino from Abruzzo thats made with no added sulphites, aromas and flavours that the perfect amount of floral, fruity and minerals within its profile.This white wine is generous but with a straight up soul. The bottle has a small but noticeable sediment as the wine is 100% natural and made with no sulphites added.
  • Castello di Tassarolo, Gavi 'Spinola' - as a classic white with delicate stone and orchard fruit and some mineralogy. We personally think that it tastes like a good but still sparkler - you do not get bubbles, but instead rich biscuit and nutty flavour profile. The soft apple-crumble flavours, lasting quite long on the palate with its crumbly biscuits, tangy and broad not spritzy and lean, with an enveloping savouriness.
  • Senzaniente Montepulciano Rose - this no added sulphites rose wine from Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC has brighter and deeper colour, is juicy, fresh and fragrant with notes of strawberries, some red berries and hints of cherries. Made of 100% Montepulciano and macerated for just 8 hours to deliver elegance and freshness. It is a amazing natural rose wine that is produced without any additives or any preservatives.
  • Costa di Camenata Rosato, Tenuta San Jacopo - this dry organic Rose wine showcases the true and exceptional colour of the Sangiovese grape, this organic rose wine from Tuscany has an inspiring claret pink colour and an equally fantastic aromas of wild strawberries. On the palate, dried strawberries shine through in this fresh and sapid wine.
  • Finally, if you fancy some organic sparkling wine, how about adding to your case 2 bottles of Extra Dry Era Prosecco, Fossalta di Piave - when you are looking for an organic Prosecco, what could be so refreshingly interesting? At 11% abv and lesser levels of residual sugar it is a healthier Prosecco for sure. Citrus, rich and ripe apple flavours with a satisfying buttery and creamy aftertaste it will not disappoint any fans of this sparkling wine.

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Grazie! We hope you enjoy.

We have prepared plenty of information on organic wine benefits including reviews and useful guides. Find them on Grapes Alive! our natural lifestyle blog.

- Organic Wine Club is not just about organic certification, but also to focus on wines made with minimal intervention including not adding any sulphites. Please note that all wines will have some residual sulphites that are occurring naturally though. We must admit that we have found it difficult to present a case of delicious and at the same time sulphite free wines as many of them have that characteristic off-smell that is simply not pleasant. After a long time spent searching, we have found these three bottles which are light, juicy, full of fruit and flavour that showcase what natural winemaking is all about.

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