Trio of Senzaniente Wines from Italy: No Added Sulphites | Real Wines | No Additives

Exclusive parcel from Italy has landed! We are extremely delighted to present to you a trio of one of the purest and additive-free wines available: Senzaniente from Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC.
This trio pack contains the following bottles: white wine made of Pecorino grapes, rose (or very light red to you and me) and fuller in body red both made of Montepulciano grapes. 
White wine has a noticeable sediment in the bottle, it was done in a completely natural way and it is absolutely as designed. Rose wine is richer in style, so it would be closer to what you can expect from a lighter style Pinot Noir - with juiciness and uncomplicated character of Montepulciano. Red wine is superbly vibrant, more complex and bursting with red berries and forest fruit flavours.
These natural wines are produced without any additives, any preservatives and strictly with no added sulphites. 'Senza Niente' means without anything.
Organic, No Added Sulphites, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free
Grapes Pecorino for white, Montepulciano for rose and red
Sugars 0.1g/l Residual Sugar Only
Sulphites Under 10mg/l Natural Sulphites Only
Vintage see bottle
ABV 13% for red, 12% for both white and rose 
Natural wines tasting notes are available per each wine here:
We hope you'll enjoy this trio pack of 1 white, 1 rose (or light red) and 1 red sulphite - free (or as some put it, no sulphite added) organic wines.
For more inspiration on our natural wine selection and see all sulphite free wines that we sell, including wines by the case see our full range of no sulphite added wines.

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